( Leaders Today & Legend Tomorrow )

We are the leading astro consultants in Tamil nadu since 2010. Specialized in traditional astrology, palmistry, Numerology, Prasannam and nameology. We are populat in television channels (Ungal neram- Vendhar tv – sat 5 pm) and having wide range of clients globally. Giving right directions based on predictions to families and industries with high commitment and sincerity.

-----Anyone can Try but to become success you need Maaya------

( Leaders Today & Legend Tomorrow )

We are mainly focusing the solutions to the problems not only predictions. Yoga peedam is specialized in Tantric pariharams homams and poojas. Conducting training classes for astrology and vedic chapters. Having a team of pandits for poojas and Homams . Yoga peedam develops Astrologers, focusing worships to God and people. Giving Lucky Gems based on Astrology . Offers Chathru samhara Pooja against enemity and negativity, Vishnu maaya Pooja for husband and wife problems., love vashyam, pathra kaali Pooja for illegal relationship and divorce, Pooja to identify stolen things, Kaala bairava Pooja for loss in business, Pooja for cheated by relations , vaahi Pooja for land problems, Pooja for infertility ( ragu kedhu pariharam) Pooja for un employment, and all types of dhosha pariharms ( puthra dhosham, maangalya dhosham, sevvai dhosham, sarpa dhosham)

About Jodhida Guru Dr. Ramji
(Graduate, 3 doctorates with 15+ titles& Author of so many books)

Dr.Ramji is a famous astrologer and leading pandit in Tamil nadu. Having millions of followers around the world. In his Earlier days Guruji studied yajur veda in padashala (15+ yrs) located in Trichy Tamilnadu. Later on he skilled in Tantric poojas and all type of astrology, Numerology prasannam and palmistry. 20+ Years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients. Solved problems of somany families, business, and individuals by tantric poojas. Got 3 times doctorate in various universities and 15+ Titles. Written so many books and also intrested in Tamilliterature. Master in sanadhana dharma.

---- Your path is illuminated by a road map of stars Im here to guide you. – Ramji



  • Individual Astrology
  • Rs.3000
  • Get Lifetime Deep Astrology Prediction with Full set of Jathagam
  • Basic Business Astrology
  • Rs.6000
  • Get Deep Business & Family Astrology Consultation & Prediction
  • Business Astrology with Laba Vaastu
  • Rs.7500
  • Get Deep Business Consultation & Prediction with Vaastu Things Arrangements
  • For All Parihara Pooja's
  • Rs.25,000
  • Astrology with Parihara Poojas by Pandithars
  • Basic Astrology Training(For 3 Days - Every Sunday)
  • Rs.10,000
  • Baby Name with Full Astrology & Numerology
  • Rs.2500
  • Lucky Name and detailed prediction with full set of horoscope
  • Prasannam
  • Rs.2000
  • Predictions for persons who don't have birth details